Investment Criteria
At gTC, we consider an "attractive growth platform" to include a strong leadership team, strong values and strong governance coupled with service offerings that produce consistent and, ideally, recurring revenue.
  • Operating history of at least 5 years with recurring revenue and stable customer base
  • EBITDA of at least $3 million
  • Positive cash flow
  • Alignment with gTC values of delivering an impact to communities


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    • Through our hands-on approach to operations, at gTC we have extensive experience restructuring both operating companies and real estate companies.
    • We use our in-depth knowledge of appropriate adjustments to operations, structure, people or processes to improve overall results. This applies to growing companies needing to take their business to the next level, which may require new delivery models, or large organizations needing to consolidate to compete in a changing business environment.
    • gTC can provide the capital and expertise for middle market companies to implement those important changes to their business.
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    Identifying Investment Opportunities
    • While simple in theory, our team understands the complexity inherent in our investment thesis. We understand that much more than a knowledge of macro- and micro- economics, and financial and legal systems is required to pursue the outcomes we, and our clients, expect.
    • We also have a deep understanding of the business model, internal methodologies, branding, contextual positioning within the industry, and industry evolution. This knowledge is especially important when bringing products and services from the confines of a single business or geographic market onto a broader global platform.
    • We cultivate this understanding of the nuances of dealing in multiple geographies, sectors, and operating companies. For example, we often look at healthcare investments that we believe can deliver an impact into the communities in which they are located, which might include operating companies, real estate or other companies that support the delivery of healthcare.

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